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Aims and Objectives

  1. To promote and to advance the field of proteomics and the professional interests of the Proteomics Community in India and face the global developments and competition.

  2. To promote National and International exchange of Knowledge and research techniques via, training fellowships, institutional courses and workshops, and co-organization of conferences, symposia, etc.

  3. To disseminate information related to Proteomics through Newsletters, periodicals, conference proceedings and reports, etc.

  4. To involve in training the Indian students and young investigators in this important cutting edge technology.

  5. To network and act as a liaison with regional, national and international bodies involved in proteomics or related fields of research. To promote mutual assistance and interactions with such bodies/organizations.

  6. To liaise with Govt. or other Organizations - National, and International (eg. EU, USA, etc.) to raise financial supports for above mentioned activities. To network the National structures and facilitate complementary expertise for promoting the research and technical advancements in the field.

Organizational Structure

All its registered members will constitute the General Body of the Society.

The society will be governed by the council of management. The General Body will elect the Council of representatives who will function together for planning and implementing the aims and objectives of the Society and for taking policy decisions.

The Council will in turn elect the office bearers - the Executive Committee from among the council members to run the office of the society. In addition, Council can also appoint ad-hoc special committees to perform special designated functions under the programme of the Society as and when necessary.

It is expected that the Council will have representation from various national institutes, Universities as well as corporate bodies interested and directly involved in Proteomics activities.



Organization of special lectures, discussions, training courses, theme workshops in proteomics for the advancement of field in India. The Society holds a Scientific Conference coinciding with the Annual, General Body Meeting.

News Letter:

The Society plans to publish Three News Letters per year which would try to bring together scientific highlights, Technical notes, commentaries or opinions, in addition to standard items such as announcements of Conferences or special events. The themes and perspectives of the articles will be decided by the Editorial comm.


Journal of Proteins and Proteomics (JPP), with ISSN No. 0975-8151, is the official journal of Proteomics Society of India (PSI). It is a peer reviewed international journal envisaged to serve the world wide community of researchers and teachers dealing with the challenges of proteins and proteomics research resulting in an improved understanding of protein science in general. For more details visit: http://www.jpp.org.in/index.php/jpp


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